The best time to visit Bhutan is in Spring (March-May) & Autumn (Sept-Nov), However both Summer (June-Aug) & Winter (Dec-Feb) are not so bad, as it has always something different to offer provided if you can handle bit of a rain & cold.

There are several Festivals that takes place throughout the year in different locations. We can incorporate any of these festivals into your itinerary if it coincides with your travel dates or you may plan well in advance to witness one of these festivals.

Climate & season

Bhutan is a year-round destination.

Bhutan lies at the same latitude as Miami in the US so expect plenty of sunshine all year round. The varying altitudes of the valleys within the Kingdom make for different microclimates, for example the lower valley of Punakha enjoys a subtropical climate whereas the higher Phobjikha valley suffers freezing temperatures throughout the winter.

Spring & Autumn (March to May & September to November)

Warm days & cool nights (max 26°C: min 4°C), some chance of rain as it is pre/post monsoon

  • Best time for Camping Trek Seasons (freezing temps at high camps)
  • Suitable for all kinds of activities

Spring is a botanist’s delight with nature in full bloom and wild flowers covering the meadows like a carpet. It's a remarkable time of the year to explore nature. 

Autumn is a merry season of feast and festivals. As farmers reap the fruits of their work, the streets are covered with healthy harvests of the year.  

Summer (June to August)

Hot days with low hanging clouds & balmy nights (max 28°C: min 14°C), with frequent rain

  • Best time for flowers and birdlife
  • Only cultural tours, trekking NOT recommended
  • Festivals can be added to the program

Summer is green, fresh and revitalising. The low hanging clouds draped over the head, hazy mist covering the green carpeted valleys, the place stems right out of the mystery. Most of the farming activities also take place in summer.  

Winter (December to February)

Crisp, clear sunny days and cold dry nights (max 15°C: min -5°C) some chance of snow

  • Best time for Mountain Views
  • Cultural tours
  • Festival can be included

Winter is crisp and clear. You can get the glimpse of the high snow glistening in the Himalayan mountains and view the highest unclimbed mountain in the world.