Special Interest Activities in Bhutan

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Bhutan is swiftly developing its reputation as a premier destination for adventure sports. Set amongst the majestic Himalayas our kingdom is the perfect location for all manner of exciting activities including Hiking, Trekking, kayaking, Mountain Biking & scenic Helicopter joy flights. Whether it’s rafting down crystal clear, glacier-fed rivers or trekking through lush, virgin forests, Bhutan offers a one-of-a-kind experience for travellers seeking adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment.

Helicopter Joy flights

Helicopter joy flights are new but increasingly popular way how to get into the heart of Bhutan Himalayas. Two brand new Airbus A350 helicopters are best in class for hight altitude sightseeing flights. We offer this flight only to clients who books the tour to Bhutan with us.

Spirituality and Wellness

Bhutan has many activities available for those visitors seeking a place of solace, rest and recuperation.  Whether it’s a session of peaceful, contemplative meditation, a relaxing soak in a mineral hot spring bath or the natural remedies of our traditional medicine Bhutan has just what you need to revive and rejuvenate your body and spirit. Our many meditation and mediation retreats will provide you with places of respite from the cares and stress of everyday life. Many tourists from round the world come to Bhutan specifically for meditation and retreat tours.

Meditation and Retreat

As one of the last strongholds of Vajrayana Buddhism, meditation and mediation retreats are a common practice amongst Monks and Buddhist practitioners in Bhutan. Small retreat centres and hermitages are located all over the country, usually next to temples, monasteries and monastic schools.  These retreats and meditation centres provide places of respite from the cares and stress of everyday life. Devout Buddhists often venture into the mountains for months at a time to meditate. The retreats provide practitioners with the opportunity to draw upon their inner self and meditate upon the purpose of life.

Many tourists come to Bhutan for meditation and retreat tours. Some itineraries include serious meditation programs that last for days while others offer solitary retreats for few hours in the high hills and temples where the serenity and beauty of nature can be appreciated in undisturbed silence.

Bhutan Signature Tours can include meditation programs in your itinerary if you are interested in trying this Bhutanese way of retreat.


Trekking in Bhutan is a unique experience which allows trekkers to immerse themselves in nature’s pristine beauty filled with unspoiled and spectacular landscapes.  It is a wonderful discovery that combines the traditional way of life in harmony with the Buddhist culture. The amount of forest cover is striking with more than 72% of the country is blanketed in forest.   All the treks are a paradise for the lovers of flora, fauna and photography.  The trekkers will often feel transported a hundred years or more back into the past.  All the treks in Bhutan follow traditional routes, well-trodden by men and ponies before the days of the road.  Altitude and weather conditions dictate the trekking season.  However, spring (Mid-March to Mid-May) and autumn (Mid-September to beginning of November), are the good times to come for the trek, where everything comes to life and one gets to see the views of the Himalayas peaks hat provide a sense of awe and wonder, and a point of contemplation for trekkers along the way.

Snowman Trek is said to be the hardest trek in the world, with 12 passes between 4,500 and 5,300 meters, overnight stays at between 3,700 and 5,100 meters, taking you through some of the least travelled routes and high alpine areas. These treks require endurances and tests even the seasoned trekkers. Druk Path, Dagal Trek, Gasa/Laya Trek are relatively shorter treks that witnesses remarkable altitude differences, and can take between 3 to 6 days. Bumthang Culture Trek, Gangtey Trek and Samteygang Treks lets you through some of the villages of Bhutan.  The trek can last between 2 to 3 days.


The rugged, mountainous landscape of Bhutan lends itself well to both on-road or off-road mountain increasing popularity among both visitors and Bhutanese alike. There are a variety of biking routes available ranging from smooth journeys on paved roads to challenging off-road dirt trails that wind through biking and the sport is seeing rough terrain. The sport offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced in vehicles. With better roads replacing the old and the increasing number of off-road roads, biking is now becoming a very unique and original way of seeing and interacting with the country, people and the Bhutanese environment.

Kayaking & Rafting

The crystal clear rivers of Bhutan are one of the kingdom’s best kept open secrets. Fed by the glacial-melt of the Eastern Himalayas, six major rivers (Wang Chu, Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chu, Mangde Chu, Kuri Chu and Dangme Chu and their tributaries), have been scouted for kayaking and rafting.

The river courses available in Bhutan offer something for all visitors, regardless of experience: There are easy routes for beginners and hair-raising runs for the veterans. Besides the rafts and the kayaks, Bhutanese agents also organize walking and trekking expeditions along the scenic river banks. The best time for rafting and kayaking is from March to April and November to December.


Bhutan is considered as a bird-watchers' paradise. Because of the great number and diversity of endemic species, the eastern Himalayas of which Bhutan is a part, has been designated as one of the world's top 10 biodiversity "hotspots". Wet summers and altitudinal gradation from sub-tropical lowlands to arctic-like mountain peaks provide an array of climatic conditions and a layering of distinct biotic communities The diversity of bird life of Bhutan is accentuated by the migrations of hundreds of species between breeding grounds across a vast expanse of Asia to the north of Bhutan and wintering grounds of the subcontinent of India from jungles through temperate forests to tundra.


In Bhutan, textiles are considered to be one of the highest forms of art and spiritual expression. The knowledge and skills required to create these textiles have been passed down through generations.  By utilizing primarily the simple back strap loom, the Thunder Dragon People have crafted one of the most advanced and sophisticated weaving cultures in the history of civilization. This tour provides opportunity to explore and experience various kind of textile weaving and dying.


Set out into the mountains of Bhutan to shoot images of exquisite temples, timeless farming villages, and the towering Himalaya. Capture scenes from a lively Market or crimson-robed monks against a backdrop of whitewashed dzongs. Hike into forests where wild moss creates an otherworldly atmosphere, and photograph breath-taking panoramas of snow-clad peaks.

Add-on option

We can also arrange a variety of "add-on" options to provide a more in-depth experience of Bhutan. These include cooking lessons, farmhouse stay,” ara (local liquor) brewing lessons, overnight camping in wilderness or botanical parks, Monastery experience or an evening dinner or cultural show. Alternatively, you can awaken your senses with a range of well-being and spa retreats along with hot stone bath. These activities can easily be incorporated into any itinerary. Please note that some activities may require supplement charges.

Please contact us to discuss your plans and preferences in terms of the Style of Adventure you are seeking for!


Standard or Luxury Accommodation Options are available on most of our featured itineraries. For standard adventures Bhutan Signature Tours have selected well located, comfortable, somewhat rustic but charming tourist class hotels and can also arrange a night in a village Farmhouse in certain locations. For those clients wishing to upgrade to the luxury accommodation options, we partner with the excellent Uma Paro, Uma Punakha, Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, Le Meridien River front Paro, Le Meridien Thimphu, Zhiwaling, Termalingca, Dhensa boutique, Pemako Hotel, Gangtey lodge in Phobjikha, Amankora & Six Senses resorts.